Our Approach

Reinventing what’s 

We believe great spaces inhabit us.

For more than 30 years, Sterling Bay’s unique vision for real estate has set a disruptive new standard. From life sciences environments that spark discovery to master plans that breathe new life into once-vital communities, we’re in the business of creating lasting impact—the kind that makes life better for everyone.

Transforming communities.

We’re proud to develop properties that transform the way our tenants work and redefine the way our neighbors live. By creating job opportunities, curating new retail experiences and constructing new open spaces, our projects enhance the communities we work within.

Creating next-gen offices.

Known for building world-class urban campuses for today’s most innovative brands—Google, McDonald’s, Uber, Dyson, Wilson, Boston Consulting Group—Sterling Bay understands how to deliver an office experience that inspires innovation, flexibility and thought leadership.

See Creative Office Opportunities

Highly unique gallery with brick walls, TVs and glass chandelier
Google’s Midwest HQ
Chicago, IL
Rendering of all glass commercial building in downtown Chicago
1200 W Carroll
Chicago, IL
Aerial view of downtown Chicago park
One Two Pru
Chicago, IL
Tenants use an elevator bank area with decorative lighting
600 W Chicago
Chicago, IL

ESG in everything we do.

At Sterling Bay, we’re proud of our dedication to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). We continue to lower our environmental impact and support the communities we serve through our industry-leading approaches to sustainability, property health and wellness, accessibility, equity, diversity and inclusion.

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Our integrated platform spans all areas of real estate.

Marketing and Communications

Sterling Bay’s marketing and communications team promotes the firm’s properties, corporate announcements and initiatives through branding and advertising campaigns, traditional public relations, website creation, email optimization and social media. They also coordinate firm sponsorships, strategic partnerships and community engagements.

Build to Suit

Sterling Bay is a leader in identifying and creating urban campus opportunities. Companies like Google, McDonald’s, Uber and Hillshire Brands have turned to us to create spaces that reflect their culture and enhance their brand through exceptional headquarter facilities. Sterling Bay excels in build-to-suit properties developed to a tenant’s specifications. From site location and design to construction, we can meet your budget and your time frame.


At our core, we are creative thinkers, a skill set that serves us well designing a building, structuring a transaction or negotiating a lease. Our unmatched industry relationships help us find the right tenants for the right space. We take pride in the fact that we are known for our credibility, ability to deliver and quick decision-making.

Property Management

Sterling Bay’s property management professionals take pride in being excellent stewards of our buildings and those who inhabit them. Our personalized, concierge-style approach to property management translates into quick response times and around-the-clock availability for our tenants.

Asset Management

Sterling Bay knows it’s crucial to have real-time market knowledge and an in-depth understanding of every development’s financials. Our asset management team acts in the best interest of our developments and investors, offering unparalleled results by ensuring that all operational aspects of a transaction are seamlessly executed.


The legal process is vital to any real estate transaction. Moving through it successfully is much easier with experts leading the way. Sterling Bay’s in-house legal team assists with decision-making and problem-solving every step of the way while reducing timelines and exposure to risk.

Hospitality and Amenity Spaces

Our hospitality division has deep relationships in the restaurant and hotel industries in Chicago and across the United States. Our buildings are home to renowned restaurateurs such as the Tao Group, Four Corners and Boka Restaurant Group. Sterling Bay’s hospitality portfolio also features partnerships with prominent boutique hotel operators, including Ace Hotel and Joie de Vivre.


Style is subjective. Quality is not. Each Sterling Bay development is unique, yet all share one thing in common: an aesthetic that demonstrates pride of ownership and appeals to a targeted audience. When giving new life to a space, we often turn to the original character of the building, using reclaimed materials such as cedar from water towers and decorative stone from facades. As a result, our artistry and passion pay dividends by attracting potential tenants and buyers.


A great idea remains just that until it’s given structure and shape. We recognize that each Sterling Bay tenant has a distinctive mission with its own operational requirements. Our in-house architects work closely with potential tenants to lay out optimal workspaces. From financial and tech companies to marketing and law firms, our team of architects is the catalyst for turning our buildings into exceptional environments.

Construction and Project Management

Sterling Bay has both general contracting and development management capabilities. Our professionals can lead you through the entire construction process, whether it's a ground-up construction job or an office build-out. From design planning to value engineering to opening the doors of your new office, we can efficiently manage your project from start to finish by overseeing a team of our trusted subcontractors.

Aerial view of 1899 Penn commercial building roof
1899 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC

Developing places. Building relationships.

For over 30 years, Sterling Bay has demonstrated success in executing strategic developments and investments throughout multiple economic cycles. We have earned the trust of lenders, brokers and tenants alike who have placed their confidence in Sterling Bay’s ability to deliver unparalleled projects.

“Convene’s entire strategy is really working with values-aligned partners who share our vision for what the future of an office building can be from an experience perspective, and when we were expanding into the Chicago market, it was pretty clear to us that Sterling Bay was the ideal partner for Convene.”

Ryan Simonetti

CEO + Co-Founder, Convene