Life at the Bay

Culture and Guiding Principles

We believe we do our best work when we’re together. At our office, we convene to create a culture of creativity and collaboration-one that encourages hustling with a healthy dose of revelry.

While we’re proud of our reputation as boundary-pushers, we are guided by a commitment to old fashioned values: We’re believers in the handshake deal and we strive for integrity in every interaction. We’re also big on hospitality-not just within our buildings, but in our interactions with each other and our clients.

We know there’s also work to be done outside the office, so we immerse ourselves in the community through volunteerism and philanthropy. From cleaning up local parks to serving meals to neighbors, humanitarianism is at our core, and part of what makes us, us.

A glimpse at the the benefits of working with us

  • Unlimited PTO
  • Complimentary, chef-made lunch daily
  • Complimentary shuttle service to and from public transit
  • Complimentary membership to onsite fitness center
  • Discounts on dining throughout the city

Investing in our Industry’s Future

In an effort to build a more diverse talent pool in commercial real estate, we partner top-ranked Historically Black Colleges & Universities and welcome select students into our seven-week summer internship program. Participants leave the experience with résumé-boosting experience and a $3K scholarship.

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