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Chicago, IL

1000 West Carroll

1000 W Carroll offers tenants an innovative office space surrounded by Chicago’s best retail, and food and beverage offerings. Located in the desirable Fulton Market neighborhood, 1000 W Carroll is a destination for businesses looking to attract the next generation of innovative thinkers. The staggered design and unique facade create a compelling and light, cloud-like exterior, while the shifted volumes create a lofted and expansive interior, highly sought-after in modern office environments. This effect also leads to ample room to design tenant amenities, indoor/outdoor spaces, or terraces.

3d rendering of an artistic exterior facade of the Morgan gallery
3d rendering of a unique, stacked, multi-story glass building
3d rendering of a sunny city intersection of a tech district
Rendering of a stunning, glass skyscraper with an outdoor deck

Development Type

Creative Office

Building SF


Retail SF





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